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Don’t Get Duped By Fake Hoodia Gordonii Pills

In the last few years, Hoodia Gordinni has been truly popular, and is heavily marketed for its potent weight loss characteristics. It can help eliminate both types of hunger, no matter how unhealthy we feel skipping meals. The real advantage one notices when taking it is that it eliminates the craving for more food and snacks, and it gives a feeling of fullness.

Most diet pills and supplements work by trying to increase the rate at which our body burns fat. However, there are widespread reports of fake hoodia products. Weight-loss industry analysts have estimated that 80% of products are either contaminated or counterfeit. It’s impossible to know if a product contains pure hoodia and the active ingredient, unless it has been tested by a certified and independent laboratory.

When Did Hoodia Enter The Weight-Loss Market?

The implications of hoodia gordonii with regard to reversing obesity are very noteworthy. In recent laboratory studies using rats, it was shown to have a major reduction in calorie consumption in rats given hoodia gordonii samples. In addition, one major study conducted on morbidly-obese persons saw a reduction in average daily calorie intake by about 1,000 calories on the 15th day of visit –  taking the pill. Hoodia was initially introduced into the US market in early 2004, and a lot of medical research has yet to be done before truly understanding the full extent of the pill in reducing fat and suppressing diets.

Consumers, however are advised to take caution in purchasing supplements, and ensure that the products they buy are produced by reputable drug manufacturers. It would be best to check on the US FDA website, and literature provided by consumer-safety groups, to verify the effectiveness of the supplements sold in stores, as well as online.

How To Spot Fake Hoodia Gordinni Products

Hoodia Gordonii is a popular weight loss supplement that is used for controlling a person’s appetite. Hoodia is also scarce and only grows in certain regions, and because of the short supply and high demand, there are a lot of products sold that don’t contain enough pure hoodia to be effective. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t buy fake supplements.

– Look for appropriate certification on the product website, which states the authenticity of the hoodia used. If there is no documentation, don’t buy the product.

– Check the label. If the product contains less than 200 mg of hoodia it will not effectively control your appetite

– Make sure there’s a money-back guarantee. People who don’t offer this usually don’t have faith in their own product.

– A lot of products contain stimulants that could cause a negative reaction in some people. Take time to read the label and if at all possible, buy a product that only contains hoodia.

– Don’t try to bargain hunt for it. For a 30 day supply pack, you can expect to pay around $30-$50. If you buy one for anything less than that, you’re probably getting an inferior product.


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