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Facebook Flirting – Date Girls on Facebook

The aim of Facebook flirting is to get a date with a hot girl you are interested in! To do this you will need to send out the correct kind of opening messages in order to get her hooked.

But even prior to this, you really need to make sure your profile is set up to give you the best possible chance at Facebook flirting. Follow the advice below and you will stand a much better chance of dating hot girls you meet on Facebook. กลุมลับ

1. Remember the girl you message doesn’t know you. She will be extremely suspicious of your motives at first so you have to convince her that you’re a normal, cool guy that she’ll want to respond to! What is the best way to do this? You need to have lots of photos throughout your profile where you’re hanging out with good looking girls!

2. An extension to the above because it’s very important…your profile picture should ideally be of you with a very attractive female. It could be platonic for all anybody knows, but if you’re seen to be hanging out with lots of hot girls then there is no way that you could be some strange guy behind a computer screen who is trying to hook up with girls on Facebook.

3. Keep photos of your ex’s in your photos! Don’t do what most guys do and delete them! Show that you are liked by women and you can massively increase the attraction towards yourself!

4. Never show your relationship status! If you message a girl and she can see that you’re single then it becomes obvious why you’re messaging her! Besides, if she asks you if you’re single then that is a clear sign she is interested.


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