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SEO Tips – The Importance of Back Links For SEO Optimization

There are many SEO tips and SEO tools available to help marketers optimize their sites and gain high ranking in the search engines. One of the most important steps to effective search engine optimization is through gaining quality back links.

When going on the Internet and collecting back links for your Website, it is vital that you choose the proper ones. It is really not about how many links you can get pointing back to your site, but rather how relevant they are and how much authority they have. Because authority is one of the main factors that search engines look for in Websites, it is important that you are only obtaining back links from sites with a high authority as this will depend on how high your Website will rank in search engines.

Some SEO tips to follow to achieve back links through high authority Websites are:

* Article Directories * Blog Comments * Social Bookmarking Sites 구글광고대행

Article Directories

Building quality back links to your Website can be easily done by writing articles and submitting them to high authority article directories. Article directories with a page rank of 3 or higher are good enough, however, if you can submit your articles to directories with a rank of 5 or higher, that is even better.

When writing your articles, it is important that you include a link back to your Website (preferably an anchor text link with a chosen keyword) in the resource box as this is what will give you that quality back link.

Search engines (especially Google) put a lot of weight on article directories and deem them important, so the more articles you have submitted to these the higher your Website rank.

Blog Commenting

Other SEO tools that marketers use are blogs. Blog commenting is a very effective method of gaining back links. Comments that are helpful, informative and relevant to the blog post can gain quality back links once approved by the owner of a ‘dofollow’ blog.

Social Bookmarking

These sites are a quick and easy way to gain quality back links to your Website. Social bookmarking sites help to spread the word about things that interest people (which could be your business or content that you write).


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